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Your enjoyment and piece of mind while you are serving the people of Africa is our top priority.


Newton Ombete, the Founder of Footprints, has been involved in East African Christian mission work for decades. (((Say more about yourself here)Newton poloroid

Footprints was founded on Christian values as a result of the need to organize, facilitate and support voluntary impacting Christian mission work to the people of East Africa. For a long time, the good work of the mission volunteers has been based on short term interventions that have indeed helped in easing spiritual and physical needs of the needy groups. These good intentions have only lasted as long as the volunteers’ period thus erasing the positive effects planted. Footprints aims to involve mission volunteers and communities in enhancing the Kingdom of God through provision of information, logistics and support of initiatives that addresses the wellbeing of the people along side experiencing the beautiful natural environment of East Africa.